Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pothole Progress



I am please that we are starting to see our potholes filled after a lot of chasing up by me and others. We will now carry on seeing if more potholes can be filled before next winter.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New Police Number

It has been brought to my attention that the new Police number for non-urgent crime matters is  101. If the matter is urgent dial 999 as usual.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Protecting Our Open Spaces

I was appalled at leaked government plans to make it easier to use green belt land to build on. While we all recognise the need for Housing, especially affordable and social housing, this is a charter for chaos. Under the plans it is up to the council to say why we can’t build on green belt land and thus, with the safeguards gone, this will be a charter for tearing our green spaces and all sorts of developments. I do hope between now and the official launch of the policy the Con-Dem government think long and hard about this.

As a member the Buckhurst Hill Open Spaces Group I will do my utmost to make sure in future council land and that which is regularly used by the public is untouchable. At the end of
Chestnut Avenue
Hornbeam Road
, thanks to efforts by members of the Group and local residents, we now have a Village Green, meaning developers can’t touch it. An Application for the Donkey Field site has now gone in. The Group are doing valuable work at defending our green spaces, and it is a shame the Parish Council, while still allowing us to meet at the parish offices, has demoted the group and cut our funding.