Friday, 23 December 2011

Buckhurst Hill West: By Election; A Big Thank You

I would like to say a big thank you to the 243 or 30% of people issued with a ballot who voted for me in the Buckhurst Hill West by Election. It is our best result yet in Epping Forest .  I wish the two winning Conservative Candidates well in the few months before the whole Parish comes up for election on 3rd May 2012. They can sit in the chamber knowing they have a democratic mandate.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Vote to make a difference to Buckhurst Hill Parish Council

On Thursday 22nd December 2011 the voters in Buckhurst Hill West have the chance to ensure that there is a voice of opposition on Buckhurst Hill Parish Council. As it is there are four Conservative Councillors on the Parish, and the Conservatives have put two candidates to our one. As Greens we would make keep the Tory Council accountable and make sure it keeps its promises. We will be a voice of opposition in an otherwise all Tory council. If we are elected we will fight to make the council more open and transparent, help to get the council to involve the voters more in decision-making, sponsor a garden-share scheme, and help to sort the dog-fouling problem by introducing bags to complement the District penalty scheme. A Green will make a huge difference on the council; one more Conservative will not add anything to democracy.. So vote for Steven Neville, your Green candidate, on 22nd December 2011. Polling opens from 7am to 10pm. Polling Stations are at St John’s and the Baptist church on
Palmerston Road

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Vote Steven Neville for Buckhurst Hill West Parish By Election

Steven Neville is the Green Party candidate on 22nd December 2011. Steven is a hardworking local campaigner who has lived in Buckhurst Hill all his life. He is the chair of Epping Forest “20 is Plenty”, which wants a default 20 mph in residential roads. Steven says ‘I care passionately about Buckhurst Hill and feel we need an alternative voice on the Parish Council. We can only get that by voting Green on 22nd December 2011.’

One more Conservative will not make the slightest bit of difference to the Parish Council which is entirely Tory after all the Lib Dems resigned from the Council. A Green councillor, however, will provide an essential independent voice.
If Greens are elected we will:
ü      Keep the Tories accountable
ü      Promote more youth facilities
ü      Encourage more community involvement in the Council
ü      Promote a Garden Share scheme in which residents who cannot garden any more can allow people without a garden to grow food
ü      Reintroduce dog fouling bags to work with the District’s Penalty Scheme for dog fouler.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tories force Buckhurst Hill West Parish By Election

Local Greens express their extreme disappointment as an attempt to reach a mutually beneficial comprimise which would have avoided a by-election in Buckhurst Hill West was rejected and sabotaged by a group of high handed Tories. Local Green Steven Neville said 'We tried to come to a deal with the Tories by which we would put forward one candidate(in effect withdrawing one candidate for each party and we have done this) each for the two seats vacated in October by Angela Cass and Joyce Darby and thus avoid a by election just before Christmas. The Tories already have the only four occupied seats on the council and this arrangement would see them easily hold onto that majority but give another non Tory voice on the council. This would mean better decision making and a whole tranch of voters on the left would have a voice. However Local Tories have decided they should have both seats as of divine right and we should back away. This is arrogant and would mean a monocrome council which is bad for democracy.' The by-election will be on 22nd December 2011 7am to 10pm. Postal Votes applications need to be in by 7th December 2011. Proxy vote applications need to be in by 14th December 2011.