Monday, 15 October 2012

Epping Forest Greens Policy on Planning

I will set out what local Green Party policy regarding development is. Greens recognise the need for some housing. We question the figures coming down from government as to the number homes needed to be built and ask Epping Forest District Council to do more thinking on this as we feel the growth in people predicted is too high and unrealistic. Greens also believe currently, as the Local Plan, is constituted development is pushed too heavily into one area, the South especially Chigwell; and also in Ongar. We also feel that development should be more evenly spread around the District to make less of a problem to individual areas. Any such development must be in areas where the infrastructure e.g.  Employment, schools, health service, water, transport and roads can cope or be made to cope. This in particular will be more difficult in a built up areas like Chigwell under current plans. As Greens we would encourage development that is sustainable, tasteful and with ample green space. Green Belt should be avoided but some green belt is more concrete than green these days and may therefore be allowable for development. 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Green Matters

Tommorrow we have our first Green Matters discussion:

Tuesday October 2nd
Adrian Ramsay(former Deputy Leader of the Green Party)
“Sustainable Planning”

7.30pm, Simply Cafe, Queens Road.

£3 entrance fee covers a free cup of tea.