Monday, 27 February 2012

Caroline Lucas Speech to Green Party Spring Conference 2012

Caroline Lucas Green Party Spring Conference Speech 2012 Part 1
Caroline Lucas Green Party Spring Conference Speech 2012 Part 2

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Urgent Need for Parking Review in Buckhurst Hill

Quite a few people were unhappy with the last Parking Review and felt it was not thought out well enough. Those most angered by this review are those of
Station Way
who were left out altogether. This has had the effect of commuters using
Station Way
as a parking bay, and trade has dropped substantially. Meanwhile there is a campaign by us to petition the County to include Buckhurst Hill in a review which will include
Station Way
. These are all locally owned businesses which we feel deserve the County’s full support. Meanwhile the Tories blame a Lib-Dem County Councillor for eating up the budget by calling for a review in Epping that was allocated for reviews elsewhere. The fact is, there is a lack of money due to government cuts, and the County seemed to have no contingency fund to make sure Buckhurst Hill got the review this year after much delay. Now they say a review will happen 2012/13. Let’s hope they are true to their word, and
Station Way
is included.