Saturday, 26 April 2014

Roding Lane Bridge: The End is in Sight.

Finally we are to see the end of those 'temporary' traffic lights in Roding Lane as Ringway Jacobs. Essex' contractor, who do our resuracing work and mend pot holes etc are to remove the lights, having largely finished the job on the bridge, from Wedsnesday but will continue some off peak work for the two weeks after that, when the lights will be felt from 10am to 3pm. I urged Essex some time ago to hold an enquiry into this. However I fear the problem may, in part, be with the contractor they have been using. They maybe cheap but they appear not very good.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Steven Neville for Buckhurst Hill East 2014

The Following District Council Election in Buckhurst Hill East is one where more and more people are coming over to myself and the Green Party. I have knocked on every door in the ward in the last year at least once, sometimes twice and sometimes three times. We are the only party to do this. The Tories have done very little by comparison. When they did door knock recently in Chestnut Avenue, Close, Hornbeam Road and Close it was to tell people that they have no choice but to pick an outside gym to replace the disused playground in Hornbeam Road but if they had bothered to knock during the year they would know many people want a playground as there is not one around until you get to the Recreation Ground. For the Tories it is you can have anything you want so long as it is what they want!!!! No wonder people who have voted Conservative are coming to us. I have helped more people this year with concerns about trees, parking, street lights not working, new housing and proposals for new flats in Station Way. I have helped people with other planning issues too. I always try answering people quickly even if I cannot give an immediate answer. Why? Because people feel our current councillors are poorly serving them. This year I have been taking around a petition for 20 mph speed limits in side roads. I fought to keep Little Buddies Children’s Centres open. It was interesting to see we were the only party to do so. I have dealt with bad parking issues and reporting them to the police. I have got road markings put back that had been ignored for years by Councillors who don’t care. I have had pot holes fixed but would still like to see proper resurfacing as this would cost less money long term. I will be heading round the ward to report as many faults on roads and pavement as I can. I am opposed to the ill thought out plans for part street lighting and although I welcomed the move to have the time when lights go out pushed back from 12midnight to 1am after we lobbied with many others for a change I feel this does not go far enough and we should keep the lights on until 1.30am. However I am against lights only coming on at 6am in winter instead of 5am (current time).5am is 20 minutes before the first train so let’s keep it at 5am. I also believe the lights on main roads should remain on all night. This might be a good compromise to the proposed changes in timing as pedestrians would feel much safer. I will oppose more cuts to Essex youth services as it undermines masses of really vital work the youth workers are doing. Talking to residents I know that having good youth facilities is important to them. Years of the other parties have delivered nothing for the young people in Buckhurst Hill. In this election it is between The Green Party and the Tories. If you want someone who will do his best and stand up for people ignored by the old parties vote for me. If you want someone who cares passionately about Buckhurst Hill and who lives in this area, who seeks your views and engages with people locally on issue important to you then vote for me. If you want more of of not being listened to, vote Tory or one of the other parties. If you do NOT want another Tory Councillor in Buckhurst Hill East then vote for me I came with 26 votes of being one of your Councillors in 2012 and last year we got the most votes cast in Buckhurst Hill East way ahead of Labour, who never do well in the ward, and the Lib Dems, who are persona non grata after the Parish Council debacle a few years back. Neither has bothered in this ward in the last year until election time comes around. They simply cannot win. Vote for them and end up with a Tory Councillor on 23rd May 2014.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Part Night Street Lighting Update

While I welcomed the decision to move turning lights off from 12midnight to 1am. I am opposed to the need for a 5 hour window as this tranfers the burden from people coming home late to those shift workers or early risers who need lights on at 6am. I had wanted lights to be off from 1.30am til 5am.