Sunday, 4 December 2016

Local Plan update

·       The draft local plan has been published. It states policies and sites that do will deliver 11,400 new homes to Epping Forest. The plan that runs from 2011 to 2033 has already had 4000 of its homes built that form part of the plan. A site in Palmerston Road and one in Station Way have already received planning permission and are being built in Buckhurst Hill. There are three future sites that are listed in the plan in Buckhurst Hill: St Just’s in Powell Road where 33 homes approximately could be built, 44 homes could be built on the car park at the bottom of Queens Road (we have been told extra parking provision will result), and 11 approximately where the shops are at the top of Lower Queens Road. St Just's is have its green belt status removed. The issues of congestion  and parking provision are problems for the car at bottom of Queens Road, and rehousing residents and shops as well as parking are issues for Lower Queens Road. The recent public meeting showed a strong strength of feeling against each proposed site,
    Buckhurst Hill is the most densely populated part of Epping Forest and local Greens have argued that the three sites listed are inappropriate, and considering we have already had some development built and considering the restrictions in the area no more should be built and we taken our fair share. We also feel there is not enough detail on how present and future infrastructure is going to be met with these new developments. You can take part in the consultation from 31st October to 12th December 2016. You can do this by going online:, or go to the Parish Council Office at Buckhurst Hill Library.