Sunday, 29 April 2012


Apart from myself there are four other candidates standing for  the Parish Council in Buckhurst Hill East. They are:

Tom Heenan. 

Tom works for Roding Valley Nature Reserve. He has lived in Buckhurst Hill for a vast majority of his life and studied Zoology at Bangor University. He is keen to protect our open spaces and together we have worked with the Parish Council on the Open Spaces Working Group.

 Dan Kieve.

Dan has lived in Buckhurst Hill almost his whole life and is a talented musician. He is currently completing a Masters in Environmental technology. He is keen that we get the most out of what we have.

Chris Lord.

 Chris has lived in the area for many years and is Head of Classics at Chigwell School. A keen cyclist he has been putting together proposals for improved cycle ways in between Buckhurst Hill, Loughton and Chigwell. He is also keen to make roads safe for all road users whether pedestrian, cyclist or driver.

Ben Wille.

 Ben is a teacher who is standing in Buckhurst Hill for the third year.  He is keen to improve public transport in the area and improve facilities for young people.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Green Buckhurst Hill West Parish Candidate 2012: Roger Neville

I would like to draw to voters attention that my father Roger Neville is standing for Buckhurst Hill West for the forthcoming Parish elections for Buckhurst Hill Parish Council.  He told me 'I thought I would stand in Buckhurst Hill West to give people an alternative to the highly party political events that have recently affected the Parish Council. Greens if elected will give an independent voice for voters on the Council. This is what Parish Councils should really be all about. Unfortunately this has not been the case in Buckhurst Hill since its creation in 1996 and especially recently. People are tired of the traded insults and I was appalled when the ruling group resigned for what seemed to be party political reasons.’ 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

New Epping Forest Greens website

Check out the new Epping Forest Greens website. It has details of our policy aims and our list of District Candidates for Epping Forest and Parish Candidates for Buckhurst Hill.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Steven Neville for Buckhurst Hill West 3rd May 2012

This year in addition to standing as a Parish Councillor in Buckhurst Hill East I am also standing in Buckhurst Hill West for District Council. I got 30% of people voting for me in this ward at a Parish by-election in December.
I have lived my whole life in Buckhurst Hill. I am a committed Christian who cares passionately about the environment and improving the local area. I joined the Green Party as I felt it took environmental issues and social justice issues most seriously and felt let down by the coalition government on so many environmental issues.
I am a hard working campaigner who even though not yet elected has worked with  neighbourhoods getting local issues such as pot holes sorted where elected officials had failed. I have worked with local residents campaigning for better pedestrian crossing at the
Roding Lane
Loughton Way
traffic lights. I have set up a pilot Neighbourhood Watch scheme in
Rous Road
and hope to extend this further into other roads. I am chairman of Epping Forest “20 is Plenty” which aims for all residential roads to have 20 mph speed limit as most accidents happen in residential roads. If I am elected I can get so much more done such as
Fight for 20 mph speed limits in residential roads,
 Better youth facilities,
Safer road crossings,
Free insulation for home.
Many former Lib Dem voters have seen their party brake promises on the NHS, EMAS and tuition fees and they have witnessed the local party treating the voters with contempt by just giving up their majority position by resigning from the Parish Council en masse without providing the electorate with any real explanation it is time to vote Green to provide real opposition to the Tories in Buckhurst Hill and in Epping Forest.

Friday, 6 April 2012

LIb Dem Len defects to stand for Greens

Steven Neville welcomes Len Martin on board.
I would just like to mention that experienced former Lib Dem Councillor Len Martin has followed others in Buckhurst Hill East and come over to The Green Party. Len, who will be The Green Party candidate for Buckhurst Hill East in the forthcoming District Council Elections, told me that “I left the Lib Dems when they joined in coalition with the Tories in government.  I felt betrayed because the Tories stand for so many things the Lib Dems claimed to be against and I have found my home in the Green Party who would not have ended tuition fees, would have kept the Education Maintenance Allowance and not cut vital public services. They stand for much of what the Lib Dems were supposed to stand for and locally I have been impressed by their team.  I also felt betrayed totally when the local Lib Dems let the Tories take over the Parish Council. It was weak and spineless, and voters were treated with no respect whatsoever. The Lib Dems are finished in Buckhurst Hill. I urge people who want to make a real difference in Buckhurst Hill to vote for me and the Green Party on 3rd May 2012.”