Monday, 24 September 2012

200 sign Petition

Greens have worked with local residents gathering signatures. Over 200 of you signed our petition for a change in the pedestrian phase at the crossings at the junction of Albert Road, Palmerston Road, Loughton Way and Roding Lane, which has been handed in to the County Council.  The Tory County Council, have made a mess of rescheduling the lights, meaning drivers queuing in Loughton Way and Albert Road have to wait longer! This does not solve the problem for pedestrians at all and has made matters worse for drivers on these roads!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Green Party Conference

Last weekend I attended the Green Party Conference and witnessed two inspirational speeches by our new party leader Natalie Bennett, and our new Deputy Leader, Will Duckworth. Natalie was a journalist, and Will is a councillor in Dudley. It was sad to see Caroline Lucas stand down as leader but she felt she should give someone else a chance to lead. How often do leaders do that in modern politics? She is now spends more time focussed on being the MP for Brighton Pavilion. Below are clips from Natalie’s speech:

Speech Part 1

Speech Part 2