Friday, 26 July 2013

Cycling News

 Fellow Greens and Cycling Campaigners Chris Lord and Nicky Fuller have received the backing of Buckhurst Hill Parish Council, who have promised £500 for a feasibility study by national cycling organisation Sustrans, following the same being promised by Loughton Town Council. This study will look into improving on- and off-road cycling routes between Loughton, Chigwell and Buckhurst Hill. Good News!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

20 is Plenty: Some Results

I am writing  in getting some  results towards Essex Council creating 20 mph area wide limits, Ideally this would cover residential areas including schools. Limits do not usually involve road humps. Some roads are exempted where warranted.  Essex have handed powers down to Epping Forest Highways Panel. The suggestion is the odd road here and there will be effective in reducing speeds. While I welcome this move I do so up to a point as it could become ineffective. It needs to cover areas of roads not just single roads.

20mph limits have been success in all sorts of places from Portsmouth to NE Somerset. Iconic cities such as Oxford, Cambridge, York and Bath are implementing them. 20mph limits reduce accidents and average speeds. They enhance traffic flow and reduce pollution. Children get more exercise as parents feel more confident in allowing children to walk and cycle. Research shows children’s visual systems do not reliably see traffic faster than 20mph.

They can be afforded infact
Residential 20 mph limits is the single most cost effective measure that a Local Authority can take to reduce road casualties, make streets more attractive for walking and cycling and improve the quality of life of residents. They offer excellent value for money particularly when compared with the high cost of new infrastructure.

Your support helps 20’s Plenty for Epping Forest demonstrate to Local Councillors, (who determine local speed limits) that 20mph is popular.  So sign the 20 is Plenty Petiton.