Monday, 27 January 2014

Save our Recycling Centres

Essex County Council are continuing their cuts to services so far they have included Free School Transport, Youth Services and Childrens Centres. Now the axe is hovering over Recycling Centres: in Epping Forest we have two: Waltham Abbey and Chigwell. Please take part in the survey.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Part Night Street Lighting Epping Forest

Here is a letter I had published in Epping Forest Guardian this week: In speaking to local residents there is a clear mood in Epping Forest against the move to go for Part Night Lighting. The factors behind the move are, apparently, to save money and to save electricity. Whether or not it saves money has not been explained adequately. Certainly it could save electricity which is a good thing. However, those pushing this policy through clearly are not from Epping Forest and therefore are not really aware of local issues. Greens believe firmly that, whilst the saving of electricity is to be welcomed, local needs and issues must be factored into decision making. It clearly has not here. I, along with others, have asked for Councillor Rodney Bass to put back the time for lights off to after the last train or bus - say 1.30am. This will allow people to get home safely from tube stations and bus stops. People walking or motoring feel safer with the lights on and so until most people are back home after last trains or buses the lights should stay on. I have also asked that lights stay on along main routes - the policy adopted by other authorities such as Norfolk, Hertfordshire and North Yorkshire. who have implemented Part Night Lighting. Will crime go up with lights off? A report by the College of Policing states that improved street lighting actually reduces crime and saves money for the Police with less crime it means less paperwork costs. So without it the criminal can go about his business in the dark. If they want to change lighting to save electricity then I suggest going onto LED lighting which if phased in and done properly will result in financial savings in a few years.