Sunday, 29 November 2015

Next Years Buckhurst Hill Litter Picks

For your information next years Litter Picks will be on: 12th March 14th May 9th July 10th September Meet at 10am, Buckhurst Hill Station. Equipment will be provided.

Friday, 20 November 2015

20 and 167 subsidy withdrawal update

I gave my speech to Essex County Council Cabinet regarding the withdrawal of the subsidy paid to Transport for London for the 20 and 167 bus routes. LRA County Councillor for Loughton Central Chris Pond was there and questioned the cabinet member, Roger Hirst, about this asking why there had been no consultation, pointing out how used both services were, and seeking the same reassurances regarding fares, level of service and special dispensations on the Oyster card that I asked for. The answer was that the subsidy was an anomaly and that similar bus services like the 20 and 167 in Essex were run commercially. Cllr Pond has called in the decision, and had a meeting with Cllr Hirst and officers. They have agreed to draw up a list of things they will require from TfL, and show it to him. If he deems it not in keeping with our requests he will carry on with the call in and it will go before Scrutiny at Essex. I would like to thank Chris Pond for his work on this.

Speech to Essex County Council Cabinet regarding withdrawel of subsidy to 20 and 167 bus services

I am here today to express my concern and worry over the proposed withdrawal of subsidy to TfL for 2 bus services that run through my town. I am led to believe, although it's not explicit in the agenda, the subsidy being considered for withdrawal concerns the numbers 20 and 167 bus services. The number 20 runs from Walthamstow to Debden and picks up many people from Buckhurst Hill including schoolchildren. Likewise the 167 that actually runs through my Ward, running from Ilford to Debden, is a vital lifeline to many people trying to get around you cannot use cars. Both bus services are useful if the central line is not working. The fear, of course, is that turning both bus services over totally to TfL that the services will become less frequent, prices will go up, and those receiving free Oyster Card transport , as a result of the subsidy, such as schoolchildren will have that taken away from them. Can the cabinet member confirm that we will get the same level of bus service, that fares will not go up as a result of subsidy being withdrawn, and that any current Oyster consessions for children and OAPS will be honoured? If he cannot confirm this and I strongly urge him to reconsider the proposal as this will have a very negative social impact on my area. If he is unclear on what TFL will do then again I ask that this be rejected and it is simply not good enough to pass the buck on this to TfL as you have responsibility to even residents on the edge of Essex

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Cuts could be on the way for 167 and 20 bus services

It has come to my attention at rather the last minute that our beloved Essex County Council wishes to cut its funding for two bus services. These could include the 167 and 20 routes. Now both are the main bus services used in Buckhurst Hill, and would show how little we are thought of in this part of the world by Essex. This would be the result of cuts delivered by a Conservative Government and carried out by a Conservative County Council. I dearly hope we are not going to see this happen but I fear we will get an inferior service as has happened to a bus route in Waltham Abbey. This is going before Essex Cabinet, on 19th November.