Monday, 26 March 2012

Lib Dems on the Parish: The Truth

I was saddened indeed when I read the latest Lib Dem Focus. The lies in this literature smack of a desperate party out of touch with voters.

Firstly the reason they left Buckhurst Hill Parish is not because they could not get things done because of the Tories. They had the majority and could have got things done; they chose not to. Even if we take them at face value it comes across as petty and childish and shows that they were only interested in running the Parish for their own ends, not for the people of Buckhurst Hill. They were also incompetent in their handling of staff, which led to numerous claims against them which they lost, each driving the reserves down to the minimum. They left us all in the lurch for party reasons and whos to say they would not again?

They also claimed to have saved the 549 bus but this was not under threat. It smacks of desperation that they pretend to you the voter that this is so. The 549 needs extending, true, and I have been lobbying on your behalf Transport for London. They are treating you the voters as fools and I know you are not that.

My promise to you the voter is that my Green colleagues and I will put Buckhurst Hill first. We will work to improve the finances and make sure you are protected from any severe cuts. We will work to improve the area and represent you rather than party interest. It is important you have a strong say in matters of Buckhurst Hill including our future direction. I will work to make sure all we increase the clout of Buckhurst Hill.

More and more people have told me they will voting Green in May as the Lib Dems have betrayed the trust of Buckhurst Hill,and they us see as The Real Alternative to the Tories, a party that has been working for the good of Buckhurst Hill, and they like what they see.