Saturday, 7 May 2016

A Big Thank you from Simon and Steven: Your Green Team

The results are in: Simon Heap was elected onto the District Council,  as our 2nd District Councillor, and Steven Neville onto the Parish Council.

District Result

Simon Heap, Green Party, 656 votes Elected.

Neville Wright, Conservative, 593 votes not elected.

Simon Hearn,  UKIP, 201 votes, not elected.


Parish Result:

Steven Neville, Green, 931 votes Elected

Neville Wright, Con, 661 votes Elected

Sam Clark, Con, 531 votes Elected

Smruti Patel, Con, 502 votes Elected

Jane Forker Clark, Con, 477 votes Elected

Halle Wheeler, Con, 408 votes not elected

A big thank you to all those residents who voted for Simon. Also thanks to all the 931 residents who gave me one of their five votes. I am more than grateful and together we hope to be good public servants and campaigners for the people of Buckhurst Hill East. We now form a group on District Council.
Finally a special mention to Ellie Furlong who came within 96 votes of being Parish Councillor in Buckhurst Hill West but was a distant second in the District result.

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