Saturday, 7 May 2016

A Big Thank you from Simon and Steven: Your Green Team

The results are in: Simon Heap was elected onto the District Council,  as our 2nd District Councillor, and Steven Neville onto the Parish Council.

District Result

Simon Heap, Green Party, 656 votes Elected.

Neville Wright, Conservative, 593 votes not elected.

Simon Hearn,  UKIP, 201 votes, not elected.


Parish Result:

Steven Neville, Green, 931 votes Elected

Neville Wright, Con, 661 votes Elected

Sam Clark, Con, 531 votes Elected

Smruti Patel, Con, 502 votes Elected

Jane Forker Clark, Con, 477 votes Elected

Halle Wheeler, Con, 408 votes not elected

A big thank you to all those residents who voted for Simon. Also thanks to all the 931 residents who gave me one of their five votes. I am more than grateful and together we hope to be good public servants and campaigners for the people of Buckhurst Hill East. We now form a group on District Council.
Finally a special mention to Ellie Furlong who came within 96 votes of being Parish Councillor in Buckhurst Hill West but was a distant second in the District result.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Vote Simon and Steven Tomorrow


I hope you will vote Green in Both the District and Parish Elections tomorrow.
Simon Heap is trying to become our Second District Councillor. I am once again seeking to become our first Parish Councillor.

As Greens we come to your door in between elections and keep your regularly updated on our actions. We are the only party to do so. Many say they never see others Councillors in the area until elections are on.

 As Greens we work hard. I have had an attendance record of 88% at council meetings over the least year. I am the only District Councillor in Buckhurst Hill East with an attendance rate over 50%. Their are only two District Councillors in the ward. I always replies to emails and phone calls promptly.

Over the last year one of our big campaigns has come to fruition: the pedestrian crossing at Loughton Way/Palmerston Road/Albert Road/Roding Lane. Soon it will be completed.

We have got the Epping Forest District Council to look at areas missed off their litter tidying list and have organised Litter Picks .

We have fought for our precious bus services: 167 and 20 from cuts brought about the current governments cuts to local government.

We have defended the Green Belt from attack despite our rivals claims to the contrary such 1 Powell Road and being part of getting our Green Belt settlement status changed to ensure extra protection for the Green Belt.

We have fought on road safety and reducing speeds in the area such as 20 mph speed limits and campaigning on traffic calming measures on Loughton Way and plan to do the same Buckhurst Way.
We have successfully chased pot holes and dangerous pavements so that are made good.
If you elect Simon tomorrow you will be well served with a hard working independent Councillor who will put our interests first and not follow a party line. Together we can achieve more for our community.

In the District election you have just one vote, but in the Parish you have five possible votes, however you do not have to use all five and could just vote for one person. In just voting for me you will ensure my place on the Parish and every vote for the Tories means less chance of me getting on.

So whatever you do tomorrow Vote Green. We have a great chance of winning the District Seat but only with your help will we do so.